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1st American Man to Die of Swine Flu

I had hoped to make this commentary BEFORE this flu took a man’s life as I discussed it with my family. I was going to make the obvious prediction that being a man he would have to take his rightful place in the order of deaths. I was right. He is not the first man to die of the flue but the third person in the US. This is only significant because had he died first and the woman and child next I am sure that the media would have had a feeding frenzy over stating the “first child” and “first woman,” of this I have no doubt because of mans unimportance in our current society. Ironically the man is not identified and they use the picture of Judy Trunnell in the article about this man in Washington State.

Things that make you say hmmm. I do have one further interesting prediction that is a few years off but again I have no doubt that it will come to fruition and this woman who ever she might be will be touted as a “first.” Stay tuned to the same bat channel because in a day or two I will publish the blog as not to have too many blogs on the same day and overwhelm my readers because I know all of you have busy lives also.

Until then “Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed.”


///\\\///\\\ UPDATE 05/11/2009 ///\\\///\\\

First Celebrity Swine Flu Fatality

3 Responses to “1st American Man to Die of Swine Flu”

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  2. Jose Mourinho will still have a good chance of signing the superstar thanks to their shared agent Jorge Mendes.

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