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Suspension NOT Related to School

I have been argued this since the ’70’s when other boys and I were called in to the principals office for something that occurred outside of school and not on school property. It was a harmless boy thing where we were sowing our wild oats being stupid boys. For whatever the reason we thought it would be fun to visit one of the girl’s from school house and yell from the street “XXXXXX, get your ass out here and lets go party!” I think we even shot the moon. Of course she did not come out and we though ourselves exceptionally funny. Sure we were only funny to ourselves but hey there were a lot worse things that we could have been doing. I do not mean to justify what we did it is just that we were having some harmless fun with a very preppy girl and it had little to do with school especially them intervening and handing out discipline. I wish 17-year-old Tyler Frost and his father all the best and hope that it does not come down to a lawsuit but if it does, I really hope they spank his school for exceeding their authority. Oh wait they cannot even hold hands so spanking is out of the question.

Where is the mom in this story?



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