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Random Thought; Female President and the Draft

Think about this folks. There is a real potential for a female president in the coming elections. What if there was a serous situation under this president that made the draft . . . necessary? It would be hypocritical, unethical, immoral, a conflict of interest, and just plain wrong for a woman president to order a draft that ONLY drafts MEN. There are many reasons not to vote for a woman especially the women that are within reach of this position but perhaps this is the most compelling that even I have overlooked, until now. Anyone who feels otherwise if fooling no one but themselves in their meager attempt to conspicuously display their lack of pandering to the matriarchy that has become the new and weakened America. Yes, I said weakened. In our attempt to pretend that we are not sexist, and prejudice we are willing to give up everything about ourselves to prove that we are “with the program.” This program is weak. Whatever your reason for not wanting a female president even if sexist, that is your right under the Constitution. We must stop worrying about what people think about us and do what we believe to be right for the good of the country but mostly ourselves. This has worked for almost 2 1/2 centuries. Right or wrong this is what separates us from the rest of the world. WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO THINK ANYTHING WE WANT. IF we loose that we are nothing, and all the brave men who risked it all by the TREASONOUS act of declaring out independence, would have done so in VAIN.

I do not take issue with a female president but I will not vote for a woman just to prove to others that I am not sexist, just as I did not vote for a black man (who incidentally is not black) to prove that I am not racist. I will only vote for the person that I feel is the person for the job (I am sad to say that this has not been the case since I started voting for Presidents); OR the lesser of two evils (I am even sadder to say that this has always been the case since I started voting for Presidents).

Good God America wake up, you voting for a person is NOT a popularity contest, in fact is quite the opposite. You and I are damn near obliged to vote for the other candidate if we have knowledge that another is voting for a candidate for no other good reason other than they are voting for a person because they are female, or ethnic (as if white is not ethnic) so we can cancel their vote. Pull your heads out of your butts and smell where you have buried your heads.

No good can come of the way we have been voting. My God look at the candidates that we have had. They, the politicians of the country are playing to our blind stupidity by offering us non-candidates. Look at this past election. There are over 300,000,000 people in this country and these are the best of the best that we have to offer? If you believe they were also I take pity on you, the country, your descendents, and me. You are making a bed that you cannot possibly sleep in whether or not you chose to accept it.


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