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Gender Stereotyping


Sexual Stereotyping.

You are not going to believe this . . . for decades women have been wearing suits with hardly a stir. So what, a man wants to wear a skirt, big deal. Aparrently it is a big deal, in NEW ORLEANS. Jeremy Don Kerr has to sue the police department beccause he was theatened with arrest because he wore a skirt to municipal court. A court is a place that is to be void of prejudice and pre-judgments but not in New Orleans. Jeremy Don Kerr claims to have been harassed barred from a place of public access for wearing a more comfortable garment a skirt. What is next no more Celtic Games and bands because men wear what we would call skirts? I agree that this man’s civil rights were violated. Either way I believe that he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that this paarticular court is in contempt of itself and this man. I grant him a mistrial.



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