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Crime Of The Century

CNN HLN – There is a big who-to-do over an 8-year-old girl who was given coffee because she was feeling tired. I have not found a link to the story yet but this is what makes national news headlines? Wow, things must be really slow.

Apparently a girl 8, an unaccompanied minor on a flight complained to a stewardess that she was tired while on a layover. According to the girl the stewardess took her to Starbucks, told her to get a coffee, which the girl paid for herself, and then the girl became ill.

Heather Wood, the girls mom seems horrified that anyone would give an 8 year old, “a minor” coffee. I did not know that coffee was a controlled substance dependent on age. I wonder if Wood has ever given her 8 year old chocolate, soft drinks, chocolate milk, tea, energy drinks, ice cream, hot cocoa, pain medicines (over the counter), and the myriad of other food stuffs that contain caffeine, if that is the moms issue. There seems to be no other reason but she has not clarified what her issue is other than giving a “minor” coffee.

The airline denies the incident because it does not match their fight records. Regardless, this is a non-issue. Me thinks me smells a frivolous lawsuit in the making.

One has got to ask where is the dad in this opinion? Does his opinion not count? Does he realize this is frivolous? Perhaps his opinion is less melodramatic?


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