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12 Year Old Girl Executes Father Charged with Aggravated Assault

Well it does seem that even the little ones receive a female discount. There are several very notable things about this article. Her name is not mentioned. She shot her dad in the back of the head, execution style. She is charged with only aggravated assault. It appears that she used the element of surprise, she used a weapon, there were “tensions” between the girl and dad, he was likely sleeping, the do not mention the dads name either presumably so no one could figure out who the name of the girl.


Yet in this article of an 8 year old boy it is two pages long. He did not shoot execution style. He is charged with homicide, he did use a weapon but there does not seem to be an element of surprise, the dad’s name was mentioned it does not appear that he was sleeping, and the article length is longer.

Here are some other articles about boys that are similar in criteria:

Boy 10, May Receive 11 Years in Beating of Vet

Boy 13, May Receive 12 Years in Baseball Bat Beating and death

Boy 11, May Receive 10 years for Homicide

Boy 12 Faces Capital Murder Charge and 40 Years


2 Responses to “12 Year Old Girl Executes Father Charged with Aggravated Assault”

  1. What a world we live in. If a 12 year old kills you then you most likely deserved it.

  2. […] 12 Year Old Girl Exicutes Farther Charged with aggrivated Assult […]

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