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Another Mom And Disabled Childs Death

Female Discount? So far not this time. Mom pleads guilty to death of disabled daughter and receives 20-40 years. Andrea Kelly, 39 of Philadelphia mom of 10 children. Her disabled (cerebral palsy) daughter starved to death and her body was found infested with maggots.

Nine people are being investigated including the 2 parent and 4 social workers, 2 already fired. Julius Murray a social worker stated that he made visits but the judge questions how one could miss that the child was starving to death when she died at 42 pounds.

I am not sure I am reading the article right but it seems that mom and dad, Daniel Kelly, broke up and dad had custody of Danieal Kelly. He remarried, and then broke up with the stepmom and Danieal Kelly was returned to mom. There seems to be something missing here but apparently Danieal was healthy, happy, and presently plump. I am not sure what happened or why but it seems that under the care of her mom (you would assume that it was reasonable for dad to believe that Andrea Kelly was a competent and caring mom. What is hard to understand is how the dad, Daniel Kelly, is charged with child endangerment for allegedly deserting his daughter after they moved back to Philadelphia. Well he did not desert he left her with mom, mind you we do not know if this was of his own free will or by perhaps a court order.

If the turned Danieal over to mom because of a court order I do not se how he is responsible. If he turned her over to mom on his own then court would have to prove that he did so knowing that mom was going to abuse her by not letting her outside, always keeping her in the dark and not feed her. It seems to me that this burden of proof lies with the state and that it would bee impossible to prove without a shadow of a doubt.

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2 Responses to “Another Mom And Disabled Childs Death”

  1. I think their has to be some information that the state has not released. This is really sad to many of our children are being murdered.

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