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Vindication! Reverse Discrimination Exists!

VINDICATION! It still tastes sweet.

I have been saying this for years and with authority because I have been a victim of reverse discrimination. The below is a question asked by MSNBC and the results are current to April 28, 2009 23:45hrs.

Is reverse discrimination a problem in workplaces and admissions offices?

90.3% Yes. Diversity should b a goal but not at the expense of qualifications or fairness. 1,002 votes
5.9% No. Whites still have more opportunities than minorities. 66 Votes.
3.1% Maybe. That’s why the courts need to look at these cases individually. 34 Votes.
0.7% I don’t know. 8 Votes.


Their article is entitled:

Does affirmative action punish whites?
Courts see a growing number of reverse discrimination cases.

I believe this states it all but my views are below.

I have stated on may occasions in public and on this blog that how is there no reverse discrimination when a business can hire all women ore all blacks and a business cannot higher all white men? If it is MY business I should be able to do as I see fit. If I have a large family, I should be able to take care of my family by hiring only them if they need jobs, but beyond a certain number like 20-25 (I will look it up) employees, I am not allowed to hire only my white male family. I would have to hire some one off the street, who I do not know at the expense of my family. So were is my freedom to run my business as I see fit for the benefit of my business and family? This is clearly discrimination. It should not even be called reverse discrimination because discrimination IS discrimination, no matter how you slice it.

The general tax-paying public should be up in arms. This practice of hiring lesser qualified persons because of sex or race means that they are paying for these services and not getting the best people qualified for the job in civil service sector. These include but are not limited to fire, police, paramedics, and many other public servants.

EVERYBODY no matter what your race or sex IS being cheated. Sound off about these grossly irresponsible policies and laws. You have to ask yourself, if it was your child, family member, friend, or neighbor that needs an emergency service should it not be the best person that can be provided instead of the person that the municipality HAD to hire because of quotas. You have to ask yourself, which child, family member, friend, or neighbor DIED because they did not have the best qualified public servant to send you because of these insane laws?

Think about it for awhile and if you do not become enraged, you can not be human.



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