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Swine Flu “Voluntary Social Distancing”

Well that sounds like a plan. This advice to “Voluntary Social Distancing” comes from Bob Keller McLean County Health Department. Also “to avoid traveling to high–risk areas.” He further states that “If we begin seeing cases in Illinois, we see cases downstate and certainly in McLean County then we may look toward more aggressive measures to try to control and deal with closure.”

HELLO!?! Why not close the barn door after the horses have gone? Are you kidding me? This is the action that is to be taken?

Fine, so we distance ourselves from travailing to Mexico, but who is going to stop Mexicans from coming to the US? What about the ones who covertly enter the country, the illegals? There are 10,000 of them every day. If there was ever a reason to end illegal immigration this is one of the strongest arguments yet. Once the virus takes hold in a population it always grows exponentially. Unfortunately this time has come and gone. The horses have left the barn and we still have not closed the doors.


We in this country have got to stop worrying about others before Americans, WE MUST TAKE CARE OF OUR OWN FIRST!
We cannot take care of anyone else unless we take care of us first. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Here is a simple test. You and your toddler child are on a plane. The fuselage has a structural failure and it looses cabin pressure. The oxygen masks drop. Who do you put the mask no first your child or yourself? Do not answer to quickly. Think about it clearly, logically, and with out emotion or you are going to be wrong. Also this means that you have not listened to the pre-flight instructions.

The answer is YOU PUT THE MASK ON YOURSELF FIRST. You may argue with me but I am 100% right. If you think you are helping your child first you are NOT helping your child, but you may kill them. If you have ever been on a plane, they advise correctly to put the mask on yourself FIRST, then your travel companion, be it you spouse, your friend, you seat row mate, or your child.

Here is the logic behind it. You have 10 seconds or less to get the mask on yourself BEFORE YOU AND YOUR CHILD OR TRAVEL COMPANION PASS OUT. So during the excitement, it will be difficult enough to get the mask on yourself in this time frame. If you attempt this on your child or travel companion first you will DIE and now your child(ren) are without a parent. Further logic, YOU WILL PASS OUT IN 10 SECONDS OR LESS, BUT you, your child(ren), or travel companion have 5 minutes before you die. So instead of fumbling with a mask on someone else especially you child while being in a crisis situation that most Americans are woefully unprepared for which could cause muscle tremors (shaking form nervousness) and you feel that you do not have it on right and you might not have it on right and you might not, now you are passed out and you and your child DIE.


Numbers of Illegal Aliens here


///\\\///\\\ UPDATE 05/11/2009 ///\\\///\\\

First Celebrity Swine Flu Fatality


3 Responses to “Swine Flu “Voluntary Social Distancing””

  1. You’re an idiot

  2. MS,

    That is a great commentary and rebuttal, thanks.


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