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A Tribute to James Moore

James, is the third student that has tragically died in our school system. James Moore, a sixth grader, 12 was on his bicycle when he was struck by a car.

The Kenmore – Town of Tonawanda School District tells Eyewitness News the boy was a 6th grader at Benjamin Franklin Middle School, and released this statement:

“We are mourning the sudden death of James Moore. James was well-liked and had an excellent sense of humor. He was involved in the Recycling Club and the Youth to Youth Club. James was also involved with his church youth group and played in his church basketball league. The Crisis Team at Franklin Middle School has convened and is informing staff and students of the tragedy.”

I have to check with my children if they new him because so far we have been linked to the prievious two childrens untimly deaths.

Reguardless our hearts and prayers go out to James, his family, friends, and neighbors.


You can stay tuned to this blog for information about any dontaions that will be accepted.


3 Responses to “A Tribute to James Moore”

  1. James was my friend he went to my school one day he randomly went up to me and game me plastic keys… I took them off the ring and gave them to his closest friends.

  2. A Friend,

    I am so sorry for your loss; you will be in my family’s thoughts and prayers. I have heard of giving plastic keys to friends, it is a nice symbol and gesture. James sounds like a good friend.


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