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Sarah Palin’s Grandchild

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Sarah Palin was accused before of using her political clout to sway the firing the state police chief in July because he refused to dismiss her former brother-in-law. Well now it seems that there is an attempt to keep the father, Levi Johnston of her grandchild out of his son’s life. Johnson is willing to go to court for custody of the child, but he hoped it wouldn’t come to that. Is Palin using the same tactic with her grandson’s dad? Will she continue to do so in the future to keep him out of his child’s life? Again only time will tell.

Johnson and 18-year-old Bristol Palin do not have a formal court agreement over visitation rights for their baby son, Tripp but that has not keep Palin and her daughter from preventing dad from doing the father thing according to Johnson.

You would think that Palin would not keep dad from her grandchild being a Governor of a state. She should, after all keep up with current events and realize how important dad is in the development of a child.


Bristol was interviewed not too long ago and she stated how unrealistic abstinence was for teenagers, and is now circulating around schools proclaiming abstinences’ merits. How smart the adults in her life have become in a few short years (from the old joke “How much my father learned when I became older.”)



7 Responses to “Sarah Palin’s Grandchild”

  1. You have your facts wrong Levi is permitted to see Tripp if you watched LK live he said he can visit him when he wants but feels uncomfortable since his Palin bashing tour. He is not allowed to take Tripp out for a weekend or just overnight. Levi needs to grow up get a job and start supporting his son.

  2. I am going by what I read and the article I cited.

    Do not forget in this “equal rights” society and the fact that it takes two to tango the mom Bristol can grow up get out and get a job to support her kid also. Putting all the blame on the man in any situation like this today is archaic rather than progressive thinking. Women today claim that they wish to be independent, strong, and have input in all family matters. This requires the responsibility with the benefits which is where it seems many, many women come to a screeching halt.

    Goose meet gander.


  3. b, right now Bristol and her family are the sole support of Tripp what I am saying is Levi should be a man and help with the support if he wants to be a dad. All he is doing is traveling around bashing the mother of his baby and in my eyes he is bashing Tripp too. It takes more then donating your sperm to be a father…I think Levi might be a decent kid but that mother & sister of his is leading him in the wring direction.

  4. DJ,

    OK, this I can agree with you. I do object however to the expression “be a man” it has been abused ad nauseam for many a year and since there is no equivalent for a woman who shirks her responsibilities.


  5. I am not saying a woman should shirk her responsibility but the fact is Bristol and her family are taking care of and supporting Tripp. Levi if he wants to be a part of his sons life needs to grow up and either get a job or go back to school and if he chooses school…which he should….his mom needs to contribute . Bristol is going to school and her parents are supporting her and Tripp and I would do the same thing for my daughter…..if she chose to finish school.

  6. DJ,

    No argument here.


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