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Live The Right Perspective UPDATE

Wow, what a joy to speak with a couple of guys that are bluntly honest. Brutally honest. John and Frank obviously have no love loss for the “degenerate Curtis Sliwa.” They called him out in a way that I have never heard before but what they know about this man perhaps it is well deserved. They called him a self admitted chronic lair. There is no arguing this because Curt admits to being a liar. Well we all have skeletons in our closet but the difference is that we as young men did not do what we did for profit. We were boys being boys. Not that this excuses our behavior however what Sliwa did was a whole new level self serving egotistical pilfering of the publics principles while pilfering their pockets. Frank and John described how Sliwas 501 (3)(c) status is at best questionable. According to them he has a hit and run tactic of staying in the lime light to keep his options open in case his rather successful talk show dries up. Who can argue with them? Not me. It was a pleasure to speak with these men and an honor to be an invited on their show.

They had me on for about 1/2 hour and I did not get a chance to speak much on the Red Knights. Maybe next time.

I hope to be welcome back soon.

My thanks to Frank from Queens, John of Staten Island, and Peter “NewsGuy” Goodman.

Please visit them at The Right Perspective


4 Responses to “Live The Right Perspective UPDATE”

  1. […] Original post by bikerbernie […]

  2. Hey Biker Bernie, really good to hear you on the show Friday.

    I just put up the archives of the show, with a special excerpt of your call exposing the Sleaze-wah truth:

    And here’s the link to the full show:

    Hope you call back soon, Frank & John enjoyed speaking to you!

  3. Newsguy,

    Thanks for the link!!!!!!!


  4. Skeleton’s in the closet is right. Look what I found?

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