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Mom Drove off after throwing Kids Out

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. Madlyn Primoff threw he two daughter aged 10 & 12 out of the car because they were fighting and then drove off. That is it, what else is there to say? Right now it does not appear that she will be receiving a female discount, but only time will tell.

Monitor the MSNBC Article here

Robert Franklin Article at Glenn Sacks


3 Responses to “Mom Drove off after throwing Kids Out”

  1. But, is that a more serious crime than what Nancy Grace of CNN did when she admitted to throwing her tot-son off the bed and onto his head, which did require some hospital intervention for the tot-son???

  2. Michael,

    Of course not. What I was happy about is that there was not female discount. Do I agree with the ruling? Yes and no. No because it seems harsh especially when kids this age go to the playground by themselves. Of course it all depends on distance which we do not know. Yes, because we do not know the distance and it at least seems fair between the sexes.


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