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Hate Crime? Yes but it is not Mentioned

We have a Serbian 6 foot 9 inches 260 lbs Miladin Kovacevic, beats the hell out of European American Bryan Steinhauer 130 lbs LAST MAY badly enough that he was in a coma until August and now has a speech impediment. Adding insult to injury hate crime is never mentioned.

I keep hearing about white privilege and day after day news article keep proving that this is simply not true. The 14th Amendment does not seem to apply to the European Americans of our country.

Crime means hate yet this country spent much time, effort and countless dollars on redundant legislation the effectively only diminished the value of my white heterosexual sons life. If for what ever the reason he becomes involved in a fight with a person of ethnicity he would have the crime he committed bumped up one level to a more serious crime. Yet if the tables are turned this is prejudicial ignored. This effectively killed the 14th Amendment. It is unconstitutional. Enough. Time to sand up against the white oppressive minority pandering government and hold our legislators accountable for the unconstitutional laws that they are passing.

Again crime = hate. It is a simple concept that seems to elude nearly everyone in this country. If you break into someone’s house and take their flat screen TV it is because you hat that they have one and you do not. If you mug someone for their money it is because you hate them for having the money that you do not. If you kill someone maliciously it is because you hate them. Again simple, we did not need to raise the crime level because of sexual preference, religion, race, what have you because crime = hate.

When are people going wake up to start using common sense again?

MSNBC Article


2 Responses to “Hate Crime? Yes but it is not Mentioned”

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