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White and or White Male Privilege

I have been saying this for almost three decades, white and or white male privilege is now a myth. New Haven, Conn. is a perfect example. There was an exam for the cities firefighters and not enough minorities passed so the threw out the test.

The suit was brought by 20 firefighters 19 white and 1 Hispanic. Under the test there would have been no blacks or women promoted. What good is a test if people with high scores are not the ones promoted? I have suffered the exact same discrimination, and know this to be true. As far as discrediting the test because it does not test the proper skills is absurd. Memory has much to do with firefighting. Firefighters have to remember many things including reading smoke and what it means as far as what may be burning, what the fireload is, where the fire is, how hot it i s burning, how rapidly it is burning, what temperature it may be, where the dangers are, where the dangers may develop, where you are in the building with out being able to see, the ability to back out the way you came in while reversing the turns, where you can get out if you cannot back out, and many more memory skills. If you do not have memory skills you and your crew (leading as a captain or lieutenant) WILL DIE!

Dose anyone besides me find it just more than a little ironic that in the MSNBC article that they feature an interview and picture of one of the black firefighters over that of one of the victims of this revers discrimination suit?




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