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No Whites Allowed!

A sign from forgotten and untaught history.

MSNBC has a Race & ethnicity section. Has anyone else noticed that there are no whites allowed unless it exposes what the staff writers believe to be a wrong committed by a White(s) (European American, hey what the hell everyone else has a special title.) This is a serious issue that only helps feed the “racial divide.” I do not want that do you?

Are European Americans not a race or not Ethnic? Certainly they are but they are not allowed to show it nor is the news allowed to print it without being bigoted or racist. Speak out now and write MSNBC and demand in a polite way that European Americans deserve more than equal time (stories should be a proportional percentage) in this section since for now Europeaan Americans are the majority.

NBC News
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, N.Y. 10112

If some one knows of a generic email address for them please post it because I cannot find one.


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