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Miss America, Miss California, Perez Hilton

Do NOT ask a question that you not want answered. Simple, really. You ask a person a question, a loaded or bated question and then you have the unmitigated gall to punish the person for answering it? Appalling does not even come close to defining this behavior. Perez Hilton should have had his question disqualified because of the conflict of interest. It seems to me that the Miss America contest is not living up to its own rules. First there is no qualifying standard that states a contestant must believe in gay marriage. Second, who is the better candidate for Miss America, a person who will lie to receive fame and fortune or a person who is true to their beliefs and themselves? Shakespeare said it best “To thine own self be true.” Does Perez Hilton not believe in words of wisdom that has endured the test of time over a period of centuries? That is arrogant and fool hardy.

It is rare that I am inspired by someone younger than I am. Carrie Prejean did just that, she gave up so much for her beliefs just as our countries fathers did for theirs, just as our fire, military, and police give up for their beliefs, just as people that belong to our religious groups have so that we can still practice your beliefs. That is the epitome of being American and should be the epitome of what Miss America should be. Carrie Prejean is the true Miss America, congratulations Carrie.

Perez Hilton after his “stupid bitch” comment is not what judges should emulate. He needs to take a serious look in the mirror and realize who alienated whom. He will find if he is true to himself that HE alienated more straight people from backing his cause than Carrie will ever in her lifetime.

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11 Responses to “Miss America, Miss California, Perez Hilton”

  1. As someone who voted FOR gay marriage in CA, I have to say that I concur that Miss California was treated very unfairly in this situation, and I commend her for standing up for what she believes in. The proposition which would have permitted gay marriage in CA did not pass (by a slight margin), which means that more of the California voting population concurs with Miss California than with me. You have to respect opinions that differ from your own.

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