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Strip Search of 13 Year Old Goes To Supreme Court

5 Responses to “Strip Search of 13 Year Old Goes To Supreme Court”

  1. They don’t have any rights anyway–they’re the government. They have power and authority…and strip searching 14 year olds is not within it.

    This is an excellent chance for the Court to limit the authority of school officials, who need only reasonable suspicion to search a student under current holdings.

  2. Tim,

    This, is as hard as it may be you must take the ball and run with it. No one wants to be the first but once you are you WILL find followers. It is NOT easy ans will take work but the board has to have student advisors at least in NY and they have to may school policy with the students or it is not valid. My first year at collage decades ago I went to Nazareth Collage of Rochester, NY. They catered to the arts. People involved with the arts tend to be left handed. They had chair desks that were mostly right handed which mad it difficult to write neatly and tired your arm and hand much more quickly. I use to drag another chair over to me so I could use it. It was not perfect but it worked. Teacher would tell me that I could not do that but I told them watch me. They are not allowed to discriminate against other handed people. The only time I would give up my other chair was if there were not enough chairs to go around. They had one maybe two left handed chairs in each room. I started a poll that others ended up helping me with and found that around 45% of the students were left handed at Nazerath. So we started a movement to have the school buy more left handed chairs (this was especially important during tests because right handed chairs not only slowed us down but when the teacher or professor was walking up and down the isles they would hand to the left side of the chairs and invariably bump our elbows causing sloppy marks on our papers or even ripping them. At Nazareth the would grade on neatness and they would also mark us down even though it was their fault. We got them to purchase more left handed chairs and the next year I transfered out to Niagara U. Hey we still helped others years and generations down the line. We met with much resistance at first but we ended up winning with lots ‘o blood, sweat, and tears. It was worth it. All good things take effort, bur the reward of making a difference felt good.


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