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Teacher Takes Students To Strip Club


The teacher (unnamed for some reason) said she took 17 & 18 cheerleaders to the all male show. She said she had permission of the parents. Yeah, OK. She resigned. If anyone knows the teachers name it would be great if you would post it here, thanks.

So with all this grief that underage students are receiving for sexting including having to register as sexual predators where are the legal charges against this teacher? Minimally endangering the welfare of children. Why was CPS not notified? Oh yeah from personal experience CPS will not deal with teachers.

Let me propose an interesting question. How can this teacher or these girls now EVER make a claim of sexual harassment, most certainly innuendo cannot hold a candle to “LIVE performances.” now can it?



3 Responses to “Teacher Takes Students To Strip Club”

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  2. Bernie,

    More info in this local Butler Tech teacher on paid leave
    Investigation follows allegations of inappropriate decision making

    “The Butler Technology and Career Development School’s Human Resource Department — in conjunction with the school’s legal counsel — are following procedures for investigating those allegations against Lori Epperson, a marketing teacher at the school.”

  3. slwerner,

    Thanks for the link. I find it more than interesting that the staff writers are both women (Linda Ebbing and Lauren Pack) and they seem to treat the whole article and subject matter rather delicately. I wonder how they would have reported this if the offending teacher was a man.


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