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Nadia $ulman Proving $he had Kid$ to Make Money

$he ha$ applied for a trademark on a word $he did not invent “Octomom.”™ Ha$ thi$ woman no $hame? $he mu$t look at her children and $ee only $ign$. $he admit$ to doing thi$ in ca$e of any $how$ $he may $tar in, and I am $ure book$. $he al$o talk$ about u$ing the name for dipper$, clothe$, and an I phone game.

I am tired of people trade marking word$ that they did not come up with. I will never forget fighting for a man and rai$ing fund$ for him becau$e he named hi$ $hop the HOG Farm. Now when the word HOG came out Harley David$on wanted nothing to do with it until the turned the word around to make money for them. HOG now i$ a Harley David$on trade mark that i$ an acronym that mean$ Harley Owner$ Group. Well many year$ after the HOG Farm wa$ opened Harley David$on trade marked the name and $ued him to change the name of hi$ bu$ine$$. Many o f the local rider$ including me helped him rai$e fund$ to fight thi$ ab$urdity. I am happy to announce that he won the $uit.

I hope that $he i$ denied.



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