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Nadia Sulman Wants More Babies!?!

According Life & Style Weekly Nadia Sulman wants to have more children. Some one has got to put a stop to this insanity. There is no fooling me. She is going to be receiving public assistance at some point in time. I have only three children. I wanted to have five. We stopped at three because that is all we could afford. It is not right that this woman has fourteen children that are going to be paid for with other peoples money including my own. Do not get me wrong I do not mind paying taxes for those who NEED assistance, I mind when people are grossly abusing the system like Nadia Sulman.

3 Responses to “Nadia Sulman Wants More Babies!?!”

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  2. hey nadia,
    i just wanna know why you just don’t get a husband and give these kids a dad. y use fertilization treatments.

    thx: kittyfun

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