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Moms Should Not Serve in Combat

I cannot believe my eyes. In the MSNBC poll people voted 44.3% soldier moms should not serve in combat, 52% yes they should, and 3.7% are not sure out of 31,258 votes on 03/01/2009 16:39 hours. What is there not to be sure about? Collect a paycheck, DO YOUR WORK.

What in the hell is the difference between soldier moms and dads? Apparently this is another female privilege. Collect my money from my taxes and not have to do what you were trained to do. This is a fine example of women who get paid the same as men but do not have to take the same risks to get it. In essence they are receiving more pay than the men in the same situation. Can you say sexist?

This clearly shows that our society does not value men’s lives as much as women’s. How can we have equal rights and protection under the law when this type of disparity exists? This is why equal pay for equal work is a farce. These women are clearly not doing the same work, plain and simple. There is no question; women in this circumstance deserve less that what these men are making.



12 Responses to “Moms Should Not Serve in Combat”

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