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Linda Hirshman and the Slate

Enter the twisted realm of the Fray. See the article here.
It is probably a lost cause since they refer to Amanda Marcotte but I replied to their article this way;

“Linda Hirshman,

Why is this article so sexiest? It has been proven many times over by many studies that women are just as likely to abuse their spouses as men. The difference is however that women are more likely to use the element of surprise and or a weapon. The question that should be asked to be fair in this day and age of “equal rights” is why do spouses stay with their abusers? This would be fair and impartial, no? How about Kelly Bensimon and her boyfriend Nick Stefanov? I just love how women and feminists sweep woman on man DV under the carpet like it never happened. Kelly Bensimon has allegedly beaten up her boyfriend Nick Stefanov “giving him a black eye and a blood-gushing gash on his left cheek.” Is DV an important issue for women or not? If it is then would it not be in the best interest for everyone that it be stopped on both fronts? If it is that important then sexiest articles like this have no place in the war on DV.”

We shall see if my comment stays or gets moderated into extinction.


2 Responses to “Linda Hirshman and the Slate”

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