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UPDATE : Sandra Cantu, Curtis Sliwa, Vindication!

BACKGROUND : Two days ago I blogged about Sandra Cantu, Jane Velez-Mitchell, and Curtis Sliwa. My objection was to Curt’s blanket statement that directly implied a man killed this little girl. It seems to me that he has been deeply indoctrinated into the man = bad, woman = good belief systems and all hope is lost for him. His quote “Tell you something, Jane, 30 years has made a difference. So we had Guardian Angels from Modesto and Sacramento help the thousands of citizens who came out looking for clues to try to track down where Sandra was, and in fact, unfortunately, as you could see, found in that suitcase in an irrigation ditch.”TRANSCRIPT

“And the horror of finding out, as you go through the registry of pedophiles and sexual assaulters and molesters who live in proximity of that trailer camp, Jane, there are dozens of them! Dozens! Embedded within an area that we consider to be like “Leave it to Beaver,” “Father Knows Best” and “Little House on the Prairie.” All of these **”men”** potentially capable of striking out at young children again. It`s just horrific.”

The rest of my post can be read here Sandra Cantu, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Curtis Sliwa

Boy o boy when you are on you are on! Hey, Curt what do you now think of your biased statement now? The reason why I ask is because it seems that the prime suspect is not just a woman but a Religion Teacher and granddaughter to the Preacher where the police searched the church. Melissa Huckaby, 28, has been booked for the murder of 8 year old Sandra, and it was in Huckaby’s suitcase that Sandra was found. Is Curt man enough to apologize to all the men he labeled, is he going to backdoor justify his statement, or ignore what he said completely? Only time will tell and I would bet on the last of the three options.

How about it Curt?!?!

I am going to try to leave him a note if I find contact information on him and I will keep you posted if I receive a reply.




4 Responses to “UPDATE : Sandra Cantu, Curtis Sliwa, Vindication!”

  1. This is not the first time Curtis has lied and BS’d his way into cheap publicity that ultimately backfires on him! We’re compiling an exhaustive list of all of Curtis Sleaze-wah’s lies and failures! Check it out:

    I’m going to include your findings in our Sleaze-wah Files. Thanks very much!

  2. […] Degenerate Dirtbag Curtis Sliwa has been made to look like a jackass yet again, this time for saying a man was responsible for the tragic murder of Sandra Cantu, when in fact a woman has been arrested for the murder. […]

  3. Hi again, just posted the article:

    Keep up the good work! Feel free to contact me at the e-mail I posted.

  4. […] 9. Update: Sandra Cantu, Curtis Sliwa and My Vindication […]

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