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Jew, Italian, German, Japanese

Three are nationalities one is a religion. Do you know which is which? I am none of these but I can tell you who was treated the worst by the Americans during WWII and beyond. What is your guess?

Knowledge is empowering and the truth will set you free. We, at least I and my classmates, and my children were taught about the plight of the Japanese during WWII and their internment. Did you know that Germans were interned also? Do you know when the last German was released? I do. Thirty-three years after the war ended. That is not until 1978. Why do not the schools teach this? I do not have the answer but I would like to know what it is, do you? Start asking your kids in school to challenge their teachers because I am sure that the teachers do not even know that it took 33 years to release the last German.

What is the purpose behind this ‘conspiracy?’


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