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Sandra Cantu, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Curtis Sliwa

This morning 8 April 2009, 5:00am I watched Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell. One of the guests was Curtis Sliwa. He is so encoded with woman = good, man = bad that I believe that there is no hope for him. Sandra Cantu’s body was found (GODSPEED SANDRA) and Sliwa immediately went on a PC attack. “Tell you something, Jane, 30 years has made a difference. So we had Guardian Angels from Modesto and Sacramento help the thousands of citizens who came out looking for clues to try to track down where Sandra was, and in fact, unfortunately, as you could see, found in that suitcase in an irrigation ditch.” TRANSCRIPT

“And the horror of finding out, as you go through the registry of pedophiles and sexual assaulters and molesters who live in proximity of that trailer camp, Jane, there are dozens of them! Dozens! Embedded within an area that we consider to be like “Leave it to Beaver,” “Father Knows Best” and “Little House on the Prairie.” All of these **”men”** potentially capable of striking out at young children again. It`s just horrific.”┬áHis implication is horrific that he automatically is blaming a man for her disappearance and murder.

Sliwa should know better than that with the two previous cases Haleigh Cummings and Caley Anthony, where the mothers are the prime suspects.

What a disgusting display of pandering like a puppet and a paternal ploy pampering the politically correct feminist persons.

It was enough to make me wretch.

What is Sliwa going to say when they find out it was the mom or another woman again?


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