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Cops and Robbers the Moats Incident

I posted this on newsvine Thu Apr 2, 2009 2:58 AM EDT.

Funny that I said that more excuses for driving recklessly would follow and they have already begun one for a man driving his wife to the hospital for her water broke.

As sad and incentive as it sounds a dying relative is not an emergency. There is nothing that they could have done to prevent her death and putting others at risk by taking risky actions is not fair to the others on the road. As far as him waiting for no other traffic . . . well there have been many, many accidents caused by the driver that said “I did not see the other car, motorcycle (mostly), truck, etc. what if they did hit some one else? That was a very selfish thing of them to do. Ryan Moat was wrong and that is why he was stopped.

There is no way at first that the officer could tell that he was telling the truth at first. This unfortunate president sets up future abuse scenarios. How many in the days, weeks, months, and years are going to use some similar situation just to get out of a ticket? It will happen and some will die.

As far as the police chief condemning him . . . well this was at least two fold . . . it was a very good political move . . . and just because he is chief does not mean that he is right . . . as far as I am concerned he used bad judgement with his quick knee jerk reaction. The officer has to protect himself first and cannot just rely on everyone’s story of what is happening. There would be no reason f or police then because I am sure that they receive excuses from every one be they legitimate or illegitimate.

If you have not worked in a similar capacity with t he public that police have you have zero comprehension of the crap that they deal with everyday and the lies that they constantly hear.

REMEMBER the next time he runs a red light or a stop sign for some reason it could be your healthy non-dying friend, neighbor, relative, son, daughter, wife that he hits and kills because someone was dying and his being there was not going to change anything. So I guess that makes it OK. Cruel? You but that is live and death and a terminal person in a hospital takes a lower priority than the healthy person in his path of reckless operation.

Remember this is ONLY what the officer saw . . . what other risky behavior did he participate in along the way? If he did it there, there is no doubt that he did it all along the way. What I f he was going 50 down your residential street with your kids out playing? How would you feel then? I would not be happy. He set up the perfect situation to set up several road rages. This is the true perspective that all here should be examining.

Further perspective. How many people do you know friend, relative, son, daughter, mother, and father, who ever that have died? Were you there to witness their death? Probably not. In fact this goes for the majority of people in the world, and the fact that they were not there did not change a thing, The world is still here and the sun still rises.

What good would it have done if he were involved in an accident because of his irresponsible actions? He and his wife would not have made it or worse.

This is a true perspective of the events.

One has to think about tomorrow. What, now that this door has been opened [literally a Pandora’s box] will become acceptable for this type of selfish irresponsible behavior? I am late for a movie, my kid’s graduation, my kid getting stitched up at a hospital, are you going to be doing the stitching? Then you being there or not when put into perspective changes nothing except that you have not exposed other to your irresponsible behavior.

How much time did he save? In the ling run it cost him more time when coming to a full stop would have avoided this entirely. Situation and course of events and would have lost him at most 3-5 seconds and would have accomplished his goal of being t here for t hat moment. I have been driving emergency vehicles for 30 years and the difference between coming to a complete stop and going 50mph in 35 is seconds, not minutes, hours, days or weeks.

PERSPECTIVE: 60 miles at 60 = 1 hour, 60 miles at 70 = 52 minutes. So over that long distance you save 8 minutes and increase you potential for an accident many fold.


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