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Earth Hour; Turn on All Your Lights March 27, 2009

Many are going to turn on all their lights and even add extra lights to their houses. I too am going to turn all the lights on that I can. There are too many people being brainwashed by group think and not enough independent thinkers in this world. It is a reverse Darwinism.

Have you noticed that many of the “drones,” because you can hardly call them free thinker or intelligent, have taken to lighting candles (and just not a few but many and sometimes in ornate patterns) instead like this one from Jakarta, Indonesia Have they given any thought what-so-ever to the by products of um, petroleum products? Is this not the very thing that they claim they want to end to slow, stop, and eventually reverse global warming? I guess they really do not care, or are too ignorant to realize.

Candle burning, both the scented and unscented emit byproducts are generic (common to all combustion processes) and include but are not limited to carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), aldehydes, unburned/partially burned hydrocarbons and particulate matter (soot particles).

They may also be specific to the candle, they include a variety of aldehydes, alcohols, and esters that are responsible for the odor/aroma associated, the candlewick may contain lead with particular candle types.

When lead is heated, it volatilizes to produce very fine particles of lead oxide that are easily inhaled and deposited onto lung tissue. In the lung, lead is leached from deposited particles and enters the blood stream. High blood levels can cause a variety of acute/chronic cardiovascular and nervous system symptoms. Lead exposure can continue for weeks/months after candle burning is discontinued as a result of the resuspension of lead particles deposited on building surfaces.

Some individual’s exposure to the active ingredients in a variety of scented products such as perfumes, colognes, aftershave lotions, soaps are reported to cause illness symptoms.

The pollutant of most public health concern associated with candle burning is soot particles. Soot particles are very tiny and can be easily inhaled and deposited onto lung tissue. Such particles can cause inflammatory responses in the respiratory airways and lung tissue. Because of such reactions soot particles may pose a special risk to asthmatic children and adults with respiratory system and/or cardiovascular disease. Soot particles generated by candle burning may also contain significant quantities of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), a group of compounds that are well known for their cancer-causing potency.

As you can see, the acute illness you experience around lighted candles may be due to a variety of candle-produced airborne contaminants.

The ONLY reason that I would ever turn out all my lights is to show concern for change regarding light pollution, or when camping and have a campfire going. We are missing the grand majesty of the cosmos that would force us to really contemplate our unimportant roll in the universe. As more stars disappear the more arrogance we place on our lives. When was the last time you took a quiet dark moment and peered into the heavens? Not too many people do this any more. Humans need that stark in your face reality check. Looking up and saying wow, I truly am insignificant. Try it this is really liberating. A damn shame that we do not have that view any more.

There are too many so-called lemmings in this world that are actually causing the demise of not earth, but themselves. I know for a fact. Ask any emergency service worker. We are upsetting the balance of nature and the survival of the fittest. Most people in this world are here because of the kindness of others and emergency services. My God I know of two calls for help from women locked in their car because their car stalled, their car battery was dead and they had electric locks and windows. They called the police just as in “Blonde Star” because they could not figure out that they could move the lock button in their cars to the unlocked position. Personally I believe that they should have had their licenses revoked because they are too stupid to drive. What would these two do in a real emergency?

Like the movie “Live Free or Die Hard” what would you do if you called 911 and no one answered? Would you survive? I doubt it! There are many that think that they could but all hell would break loose and most would die in a corner sobbing. What have we come to? We did not always have 911 and the remarkable thing is that those people survived. Most today would not. Our world is in a sad state of affairs where the people with money survive because they can pay other people, the poor, to take care of their problems. My God, people did not leave New Orleans when they were told to; we are doomed to extinction unless people learn to do for themselves.

Global warming by man is a farce and it is lining rich people pockets. The earth has done this many, many times over many, many millennia. Where was our man made pollution then? No one of the hundreds of people that I have blogged to, argued with, and blogged about can answer that question. Why? Because the powers that be do not want to share this information with the masses because knowledge is empowering.

There are many reasons for the earth’s warming and face it man has always put himself at a higher amount of importance in the universe than we deserve because they feel threatened if they find out or acknowledge how unimportant we truly are. We are nothing more than a pimple on Mother Nature butt. We are here at her whim and we can be gone at her whim in a millisecond. People need to grow up and mature. Truly we are becoming more immature as tech feeds our ever-growing needs for immaturity.

The earth has many axis, gyrations, motions, external forces, internal forces, etc that cause these climate changes. If you read at all you would understand that we are still coming out of the last ice age that started 10,000 years ago. Where was the human pollution that started the melting of the ice that covered what 1/3 of the earth? There was none. When it ends we will go back into another ice age and that will be that.

Good God people do not give into the storm troopers that activate the independent thought button and beat you into the submission of their group think that exploits those that say uh hu, uh hu, uh hu, yup that’s right, that’s right. Protect your dignity folks or we are all lost.

My God think for yourself even if you are wrong; just think for yourself, it is very liberating. Do not let “them” take that from you, it is embarrassing for you.




9 Responses to “Earth Hour; Turn on All Your Lights March 27, 2009”

  1. Hi There! You commented on MilosMom’s blog about Earth Hour in Las Vegas …. inspired me to come and read your blog about it! You seem a bit on the hostile side, but I agree with the main principle of your post. Global Warming is a myth, a lie and a fear tactic used by Uncle Sam to control the masses. That part you’re 100% right about. There are too many reports from respected scientists that prove the Earth has been going through cycles since the beginning.

    Here’s where we differ a little bit though. I believe we all have a responsibility to care for a respect the things we have been given. You have been given, at the very base minimum, a body and a planet. Our of respect for these two things you take care of them. You don’t ALWAYS fill your body with junk. Clean up after yourself. While I can agree we’re not causing climate change, you can’t deny the fact that we have overflowing landfills and a literal ISLAND of plastic bottles in the ocean. My house gets full of clutter and trash. It may not change how well the a/c cools it off in the summer, but its not a pleasant existence either. For centuries seeds were planted in the ground a food grew from it just fine and sustained our existence. We didn’t need to ‘mass produce’ it or add chemical fertilizers/pesticides/weed control …. we didn’t then and we shouldn’t now.

    I believe in feeding my family organic food and growing my own garden and sustaining my own family as much as possible. I believe in recycling and reducing my garbage output not b/c I’m afraid, but because society has lost its focus on whats important. It’s out of respect for my body and keeping it healthy. Its out of respect for the only planet we get to live on, despite what modern explorers might believe. If you don’t take care of the space YOU live in, who will?

  2. Thanks for reading my blog. I agree as well. The main reason that I turn lights off and I use less energy is because of the economy. Work isn’t just popping up like it used to for the construction industry. We’ve got to make every dollar count. I thought that having reusable bags wouldn’t hurt anyone and are a lot more comfortable to carry than the plastic bags that litter the landfill and break with my groceries still in them. I reuse many things for second and third purposes before I get rid of many things. It’s because I can’t afford to go out and buy the planters I would LOVE for my garden. Instead I’m using what I have.

    Oh, and if 911 was no longer there. I just might be ok. I’m a country girl and we survive pretty well. I’ve lived in areas where we would go almost a week without power and we lived and ate pretty well. It’s adaptation. I’m adapting to the fact I have no money and decided that going green can be cheap.

  3. Have you given any thought to the fact that we are turning off our lights, NOT to reduce pollution, but to bring attention to climate change. Earth Hour isn’t a global economy drive, it’s a protest – quite possibly the largest protest movement on the planet.

    You might disagree that climate change is a problem, but I think you missed the point. Big time.

  4. Thanks for reading my blog…

    There are too many people with too less concern about the earth. They just live in their world. I’m glad that people around me have do their part such as the university i enrolling now, USM in Malaysia, we are doing our best to build a healthy campus and more than the word healthy.

  5. So we get aldehydes and NOx from a burning candle? I think not. Quote your source.

    Combustion products depend on temperature. There’s no way a candle gets hot enough to produce the sort of combustion products that you get, say, in an internal combustion engine.

  6. Thanks all for reading and visiting. Do not worry if w differ in our views that is what blogging is all about, but I do insist on fact, and proof be it sited or common knowledge information.


    Things that are common knowledge do not need to be supported by citing. BTW that is common knowledge also.

    I suggest that since you do not believe me look it up for yourself, it is easy. I am sure that there are many places that you can locate the products of combustion from a petroleum biased product like paraffin.

    Which would you rather breath cigarette by products (first or second hand) smoke or candle smoke (by products)?

    If you do not have the wit to find this information for yourself, I will be more than glad to find some documentation of this common knowledge information.

    Suggestion. Perhaps you should research the subject yourself before you comment.



    No, I did not miss the point everyone who participates did. The idea of Earth hour is to shut off the lights to reduce power consumption which many power generating plants in the US and even more abroad use fossil fuel to generate electricity. So the fact that people are protesting by using candles and in many cases 100’s or 1,000’s to make some sort protest message, they are the ones missing the point because they have done nothing to diminish green house gases, in fact may have increased them.

    Get this straight, I NEVER said climate change was not a problem of man, I just know that there is little we are doing to directly affect it and little we can do to change it. As far as Mother Earth, there is NO concern, she took care of herself before we were here, and she will take care of herself after we are gone and there will be little to tell that we were even here. Again people think that they are so important because we have become so ego maniacal that we believe that we matter. Wake up call! As fare as earth is concerned we do not.



    I could not agree more, I (we) are in the same boat. Good for you country girl, more people need to have these life lessons taught to them where with others it just comes natural. God forbid the worse comes to fruition . . . I will be looking for you on the other side of tech.


    I tend to come over strong, and I have an intense propensity to have no tolerance for group think lemmings (which BTW have gotten a very bad wrap, but you get the idea).

    I do not differ with you regarding taking care of yourself, if you do not no one else will . . . that being said I do not litter, I reuse, and recycle etc. for myself, others, and my family.

    You are wrong how ever about mass production. Because humans are like it or not a virus and have gravitated toward urban life it is impossible for those areas to sustain the number of people that lie there. They need everything provided for them including but not limited to: food (all sorts), fuel (all sort for heating, cooking, transportation, cooling, etc.), water & sewer lines , well that should be obvious, the water now is too dirty to drink in these areas, and there is not enough ground to urinate and defecate on, even in the suburbs there is not enough of anything to sustain a family and I have a large garden of 25’ X15” but still no water to drink, no hunting, fishing if you like mercury, and still not enough land for the other things land is need for like waste, food, water, crops, fuel for heating and cooking etc.

    Some rural areas do not have this anymore either because they still might need water purified, besides the fact that most do not know how to live off the land.

    No matter the study you will not ever figure a good number for the amount of acres that you need to sustain one person . . . mass production is what you will find most studies quote and that is unrealistic because there would not be enough firewood, garden (people) and grass (animals) to have one person live on 1.2 acres. It is much more. Also it depends where you live and what the soil is like. So this number varies very greatly.


  7. I feel the exact same way greenchefmamma!

    Interesting points on the dangers of burning candles.
    I’m glad you agree on my star gazing point as well!

    You are preaching to the choir about “climate change.” Did the amount of trace gas (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere start the Ice age? hahaha

    I agree with a lot of what you are saying, my friend. There are a lot of issues in this world and we need as many critical thinkers as we can get to spark debate and make some changes!

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