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In Case You Thought that our Justice System was Just

From Allentown Pennsylvania:

Not only did hundreds of “kids” I am sure mostly boys were sent to private juvenile detention centers but the judge did this for millions in kick backs. What kind of message does this send to these kids? I will tell you. If I am going to be blamed for something I might as well do it and be guilty of it.

Former Luzerne County President Judge Mark Ciavarella handed out these sentences. I hope this judge rots in hell in a prison for the collective amount of time without parole that he sentenced these kids.

This is beyond inexcusable and reprehensible it is down right sadist.

How has he irreparably damaged these otherwise good kids by exposing them to others that have sinister and skewed views of life? It will take these kids and possibly parents and later the kids of these kids years of consoling if not a lifetime of counseling to get over this inhumane treatment.

Ontop of all that these kids were not given their Maranda Rights. They faced this judge without counsel.

I also hope that CPS crawls up and around his butt for the rest of his life.

Aparrently justice is not only blind but green also.

If anyone finds information on the boy/girl ratio on this PLEASE send me the information with the link.



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