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DV not mentioned in article of Domestic Violence

A Fairfield Connecticut woman Helen Sun, 37, wanted to reconcile with her husband so she changed the bedroom door locks, handcuffed him to herself, and bit him while he was sleeping. WOW, now I know why it sometimes takes my wife and me a while to work out our problems . . . it is because we have been doing it all wrong. I never thought of this method of reconciling.

Sun did not want her husband, Robert Drawbough to leave while “talking” to him. The remarkable thing about articles like this where a woman has done wrong to a man is that the media rarely mentions domestic violence whereas, when it is a man that does wrong to a woman domestic violence is never left out of the article.

One saving grace about this story is that at least the charged her with third-degree assault, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment and unlawful restraint. Now let us wait and see if the police and court as usual treat this woman with kid gloves and a female sentencing discount.

Robert Drawbough was treated at a local hospital.

MSNBC ARTICLE updated 11:21 a.m. ET Tues., March. 24, 2009



3 Responses to “DV not mentioned in article of Domestic Violence”

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  2. I actually had a situation last Labor Day weekend where I was awakened in the middle of the night to what I thought was someone inside my house but it ended up being someone (not known to me) bashing in the front door with my deceased dog’s memorial river rock taken from the front porch and a stake from the solar lamps in the garden. This person bashed in three panes of leaded glass but didn’t actually get in. The cops were clearly very irritated with me for wanting to press charges, and said this person seemed nice and was apologetic. The cops didn’t even handcuff let alone book the perpetrator. My neighbors stopped this person in the act.

    When I insisted on pressing charges, the cops then lowered the estimated cost value I had given them on the door to make it a misdemeanor vandalism charge instead of a felony. Then to add insult to injury, when I got the police report, it said right there in black and white the amount of the loss was $0.

    I kept going up the chain of command until they finally typed a supplement to the police report which included the real amount of damage so that I could at least have the judge require this person make restitution.

    I was furious and strongly feel that had the perpetrator been male and not female, it would have been a whold different story. When someone is caught in the act of breaking and entering, “cute girl discounts” should not come into play.

  3. Patty,

    That is simply awful, I am sorry this happened to you. It is refreshing to have a woman recognize that these “cute girl discounts” actually do happen. This is just plain wrong, the worst of it all is that the cops were probably men and what they do not realize is that they are making things tougher for men because they are tainting the statistics by not arresting women who deserve it and making the male populates look more violent and destructive then they are as compared to women. This is not a slam at women rather a statement that no one is receiving the protection from injustices done to them when the perpetrator is a women because they just do not do these kinds of things like men do. When women realize that this is actually occurring and occurring to women by women (Lord knows if this will ever happen in great numbers) then and only then will this abate the very thing that happened to you. It does not help that the media panders to the men = bad and women = good theory that this makes for good news while avoiding the bad things that some women can do.

    Thanks again for the contribution and sharing your sad experience with the legal system.

    Now yes this is a very mens rights cite but you incite and experiences would be greatly welcome at : OK some men there have been more hurt than others so there are some understandably bitter men there but do not take them personally sometimes they need to vent.


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