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Student Suspended from Bus for Flatulence

A student farts, considered rude by some, funny by other, and suspention worthy by Polk County school school officials. It is true. In Lakeland Florida an eithgradere wasa suspended from his bus for 3 days for being accused of farting. My word he was accused of attempting to make others laugh. Horrors, the world certainly does not need any more laughter.

He asserets that he did not do it rather another stuednt sitting infront of him. I guess they will have to take a smell test.

What is next? Banning candy? . . . Aressting minors for farting in class? . . . Oh, wait . . .



2 Responses to “Student Suspended from Bus for Flatulence”

  1. I can relate to this article all because back in 12th grade what occurred in one of my classes is some student claiming and complaining that some student seated in front of him was having flatulence, there was no noise but there was supposed odor emitted from that student who was allegedly farting.

    The student who was complaining was I believe complaining about the odor three times where eventually the teacher got annoyed at the student who was complaining and that student replied “Why do you keep blaming me?” He went on to say other things ( I didn’t pay attention to that part) but I do recall that as he was removing his books off his desk to leave the classroom he said “Tell the pig to stop farting” where our reaction (except the teacher’s) was to laugh.In fact the student who was allegedly farting became amused as well,in fact, it’s funny to note that his other reaction was to say “It’s not my fault, I have to get rid of all this gas.”

    Finally on the following day the “word”was that the student who allegedly “passed the gas” received a suspension.

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