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Amy Alkon Needs YOUR Help!


Below is the email that I sent to the OCRegister, and Amy’s response. Please I encourage all men and women who have a dad, brother, friend, nephew, cousin, neighbor, etc. to write to the OCRegister at

click on her column every week here OCRegister Amy Alkon
This is very important for the men in your life. She is not a radical Men’s Rights Advocate but she does recognize when men are treated unfairly just because of a “Y” chromosome.

So write the OCR and tell them not to kill her column, and ask have them reinstate it in the paper media.

If you do not want to do it for her then please do it for me.




I understand that you are considering dropping Amy Alkon’s, Advice Goddess column. I hope you reconsider because her advice and commentary is a well balanced column. Amy Alkon is a joy to read because her straight, no nonsense approach is refreshing. Her demographics suggest that her audience are adults. Adults do not need to be coddled, rather they need concise, no nonsense, poignant commentary. Amy Alkon commands a superb understanding of this need. I must admit that if it were not for Amy Alkon I would not have a reason to visit your periodical. Amy Alkon is the main reason for my visits but after reading her column I do typically browse the rest of your publication.

Please reconsider dropping her column.

Thank you,

Bernard (Bernie) S Misiura Jr
123 Main St
Town, NY 12345

Dear Bernie,
Thank you so, so much – truly grateful for your letter. I’m going to copy in what I’ve been sending people this morning. All the best,-Amy

Thanks so much for your e-mail. I was writing personal notes to everybody — I wish I could — but happily, I’m getting a lot of mail in support, and I need to get writing on next week’s column, so I hope you won’t mind that I’m sending you the text of an e-mail I just sent to another OC Reader who wrote me.

They’ll only keep it online if enough readers go to read it there. It may disappear from the paper altogether. The good news is, if enough readers write and complain (, they’ll not only keep it online but should bring it back to the print edition when the economy gets a little better. They need to know people are reading me.

I work very hard to put out the truth, be funny, help people think rationally, and put out a viewpoint that’s fair to men (since they are the fashionable ones to bash from the past two decades, especially). I can’t keep writing my column unless enough papers run it — my income has been cut in half this year with going under and cutting content.

Please write to and also click on the link to me on their site — book mark it and check in weekly. They’re deciding in the next month. Many thanks for your note, too. Please ask others who’d miss me to write and click on the column online. All the best,-Amy

Link to bookmark:

4 Responses to “Amy Alkon Needs YOUR Help!”

  1. I love to read Amy Alkon in the ocregister. I never miss her column and really enjoy her writing. Please bring her back in the daily newspaper. Your are not helping my keeping the subscription to your paper.

    John Meunier

  2. Put Amys column back in the paper

  3. Please put Amys column back in the paper

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