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SEXTING FL Teacher Sends Nudes to Student 14

Florida seems to be the state extrodinar for teacher and student sex. Christy Lynn Martin was arrested for porn pics to a 14 year old student. She is an Azalea Middle School teacher in Pinellas County.

Martin 32, is accused of sending pornographic pictures of herself using a cell phone to a 14-year-old boy.

Martin was released Sunday on bond.

The boy was not one of her students but could have been in the past.

You have to wonder if she will receive the same type of punishment that a man would in a similar situation.

Transworld News
Post Chronicle


3 Responses to “SEXTING FL Teacher Sends Nudes to Student 14”

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  2. It seems to me that most teacher are great toward their students and help out in many situations of life, and most kids, i think, learn most of their values of life through schooling. The thing that burns me up, is that if you have a teacher that isn’t doing his or her job, its almost impossible to get them fired. If they have the number of years required in, i think its called tenure, maybe spelled wrong, they are pretty much given the red carpet treatment for life. The teacher who spends their time teaching, studying, giving their all, when many kids come from broken, and single parent homes and shape their lives, are the teachers that we should talk about, and praise, and give them all the money they deserve, because, to me, this is the most important people, that our kids have to to teach them almost everything that they have to know….many are the only parents that some kids know. To sum it up, praise the good teachers and give them what they need, but the ones who are insufficient, sexting, overrated idiots, should be fired, and possibly jailed. thanks for listening! Father Joe. RRVFD.

  3. Martin is a pervert. She should be convicted and banned from teaching for life. She is also a fool to think that she could get away with it.

    For decades, I believe that minors were safe around women. That belief is now in tatters. Every year, I read of 1-2 women teachers somewhere in the USA, UK, and Australia, losing all professional cool and propositioning a teenage boy. I don’t get it. Women are not supposed to have sexual urges so strong as to motivate them to commit career suicide. Or do they???

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