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FGM, MGM, it is All Circumcision

Here is a handy little gem of a “tool.”

It takes some nerve to worry about FGM when at least 30% of the world’s male population is circumcised. That is NINE HUNDRED SEVENTY FIVE MILLION (975,000,000) MEN/BOYS walking around with MGM. In the United States about 60% of men a re circumcised that is ONE HUNDRED FIVE MILLION MEN/BOYS. Why is it that people object to calling male circumcision Male Genital Mutilation? An intact penis has 33 – 50% more tissue, one can hardly say that has no effect. It is argued that circumcision does limit feeling and sexual pleasure for men and can and does cause ED. When a baby is circumcised it does not just take skin it takes nerves away with it. That is why a baby boy cries when it is preformed, DUH! How did female circumcision become such issue when since damn near since the beginning of time men have been circumcised? Is it me or does it take an issue that has always been a men’s issue to come to women before it receives any attention? Ironically though female circumcision still exceptionally shadows this male issue. This is truly remarkable. I also believe that this an affirmation that men and infant boys in our society are still second class citizens behind women and their issues. When will it change? It will change when men feel that it is not unmanly to open their mouth about how poorly boys and men are treated by our society. Remember folks be you man or woman, you have a father, son, husband, nephew, cousin, boyfriend, friend that is affected by these issues and they not only deserve the same treatment by society but under the Constitution and the 14th Amendment are to be legally protected equally.

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Here is the best part. At one point in time in the not so distant past 90% of all infants in the United States were circumcised. Now it is on the order of 60%. Have you ever noticed that feminist sites do not mention the numbers of females circumcised and mostly only state the percentages in specific countries? Have you ever wondered why? Well I think that I know why. It is because the number of men/boys in the US out number the amount of women circumcised in the world and we are a sparsely populated country.

Think about it, comparing numbers to numbers their cause would be embarrassingly insignificant compared to that of boys/men. So the feminists do not slant what I just said, I am not saying that female circumcision is insignificant in and of itself it is just the numbers do not compare to the number of males. So the real question is why did circumcision not become an issue until it was happening to women. Answer: Men and their issues are not as important and their lives and issues are extremely devalued and insignificant compared to women even if the same issue affects 100 times more men than women. That is how the world views men . . . we are disposable.


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