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These Women Have Their Priorities Straight

Despite the economic down turn, many women are still giving into their impulses to hide their age. What does that mean? Well simply to save a buck women are not cutting it from their beauty treatments like hair dye. One woman has spent $65,000 on coloring her hair. They still believe this to be a priority and are not cutting funds to this aspect of narcissism. At
the same time men are being faulted for still enjoying a beer and a ball game on TV. Think about it, the TV is something that others in the family can share; coloring your hair is not. NOtice the extreemly decident Picture posted with the MSNBC article.

They are doing this with the excuse that it keeps them competitive in the job market because being 10 or 20 years younger gives you an edge that you are still in the game. What they do not seem to realize is that hair dye does not make you any younger and there is that little mater of your date of birth that employers have that your hair dye cannot change. This is just a lame attempt at justifying a luxury in hard times. This is a work of transparent fiction.



3 Responses to “These Women Have Their Priorities Straight”

  1. I admit! I’m approaching 40 and I am getting MORE vain! Just had my 20 year reunion and just seeing how the ones who were Godesses in HS became old,looking,fat, soccer moms. It was/is soooo sad! Don’t give up,ppl!

    As for luxury. The Natasha Richardson should teach us,all,that your life can GO in a split second and btw! I hope that I do not have roots,when it happens. lol!

  2. prevost1580,

    LOL, I am approaching 50 and just do not care. I have had many heath problems pop up since just about the day I turned 40. Trigeminal neuralgia (the most painful physical thing that could ever happen to a person, is sends false pain signals at full strength). Then there is the loss of two molars because they just shattered one day and it looks like the third is on its way out.

    Shortly after that I went to the dentist and I had a massive lower jaw infection. He had to open it and squeeze it out. This he said may render my lower lip paralyzed for a while, for a longer time or forever but some people can manage a normal life dispite the paralisis.

    One of my majors was English and I speak for a living, I sometimes become very frustrated with my enunciation and pronunciation, but the best is the drooling and when drinking having it appear as though you have a hole in your chin because the drink does not always stay in your mouth with a paralyzed lip. I do mean it. that is fun and funny I cannot help but laugh when that happens.

    High blood pressure (well this one was stupid in my book I always has a systolic in the 80’s and I read a study where doctors want it in the 70’s now, my doctor is only a few years older than me and any time something new comes along he buys into it. I told my wife, “Watch now that this study came out he will put me on HBP meds for mild hypertension.

    I went to the hospital about 1 1/2 months ago because I was feeling crappy all weekend and then my stomach was becoming distended. I knew what it was, that sneaky snaky little thing called diabetes. I went to the ER and the male triage nurse took my reading, his eyes went wide and I said that bad?!? He showed me the meter and it read 600. I asked him how many people do you have walking in her conscience and coherent with a reading like that? He shook his head and said not many!

    I guess that I am lucky though, I still have all of my red hair and a grey one might sneek in now and then again. Most people when they find out cannot believe that I am on the down slid to 50.

    prevost1580, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy!” (Bobby McFerrin)


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