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Nancy Grace and Haleigh Whores

Here I sit watching Nancy Grace, Grace having no objections to one of her guests complaining about the Haleigh whores who are profiting by Haleigh’s plight. He had some very harsh words for these people likening them to the most heinous people alive. His name escapes me but what does not is the outlandish accusations he makes about the people selling Haleigh merchandise at the same time that both he and Nancy Grace are no different than the people he despises. Duh, Nancy Grace and everyone involved with her show are profiting by Haleigh’s plight also. I mean advertisers are paying for their commercial time slots are they not? Nancy Grace is not giving these slots for free is she? Everyone she employs is getting paid for their time working the show right? The numbers of people who profit from her show are too many to count. I cannot help but recall the expression “People who live in glass houses . . .”



26 Responses to “Nancy Grace and Haleigh Whores”

  1. Stop victimizing victims Nancy Grace, and stop helping to lose the life of non-convicted victims again. You belong in prison for the crimes you have done, and get those twin kids away from your drunkenness and your pill-popping. Maybe you should tell the viewers on every show that you are under state and federal lawsuits again for your role in assisting to end the life of a mother of a missing child, and while you’re at it, mention that those twins do not have the same father and neither twin is biologically related to your husband. Try being truthful for a change.

  2. Nancy Grace was not on her show tonight due to her mandated alcohol and drug therapy, look it up on CNN Transcripts; verified and proven.

  3. Michelle, you are one sick person and should go for help but you might be to far gone. You belong with the criminally insane.

  4. Wow, DJ, an on-line diagnosis of needing help done with no education, no degree, no professional licenses, and no talent, all done by you without even speaking directly with someone you are dispensing direction to. Wow, just remarkable, but that’s why it requires testing to even qualify to become educated. Sorry, you didn’t make the grade, but to attack others that are more intelligent than yourself defeats the purpose for you. By the way, I’ll take an order of fries please. 🙂

  5. You certainly do have some valid points Moody Monica about JohninFlorida. He’s threatened me too, and some people I have never even heard of, so I filed a police report against that Predator. L.E. said they want me at his sentencing hearing. Hang in there Monica, I love your blogs, parody or not.

  6. Nancy Grace loses another Court motion Jan.27th.

    A Judge ruled against Nancy Grace in her attempt to ban cameras in her Thursday Jan.28th deposition, and that her deposition is to be recorded, contrary to Grace‘s legal request.

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