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Help Homeless Men, Murder and Make Money

Helen Golay and Olga Rutterschmidt took a Good Samaritan community concern stance on homeless men. Well, that was on the surface anyway. It is a story as old as the earliest old folks home, opened to unburden the families that could not longer or just did not want to deal with the elders of their family. This reminds me of Amy Archer-Gilligan, back in 1901 she claims herself to be a nurse and opens a nursing home. She then asked for a $1,000 insurance premium that would insure housing for the clients loved one for life (as short as that maybe because she would kill them by smothering or poisoning them.

These two gems did the same only with life insurance policies. The whole sorted story is **HERE** This is 6 pages long and has 14 videos. Perhaps some of the most disturbing serial killing documentation ever.

This should put to rest that we only look at men as serial killers.


2 Responses to “Help Homeless Men, Murder and Make Money”

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  2. It’s insane how some people are motivated by the material things and therefore have very little value on life.

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