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R.I.P. Wage Gap Put to Rest!

The U.S. Department of Labor Employment Standards Administration had a study done regarding the man/woman pay gap. Guess what they found out? The report exposed everything that we have been telling them for years. The wage gap exists because women in general, take time off to care for children and convalescing family members, they take less or no overtime, they take time off to have children, and they take part time work. What is left? Approximately a 5% gap that I can explain by the fact that women in general take less dangerous jobs. Dangerous jobs tend to earn more money, they also will not travel for the higher wage, etc. Does any of this sound familiar yet?!? Well it should, because it has been brought up by men and me countless times. It truly is aggravating that it takes a study to come out that costs the tax payers countless dollars to prove something that is easily made through casual observation. Do people really lack the cognitive resources to divine this; are there that many people that have a devious agenda, or both? It does not matter which issue it is, they all have dire ramifications for society.

The saddest part of all this is that by design or ignorance Barack Obama buys into the gender wage gap.

Go ahead, dispute me, read it for yourself . . .U.S. Department of Labor Employment Standards Administration Report Prepared by CONSAD


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