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Conneticut; Man sited for having; Woman not for an Attack

WOW. If this does not beat all. Same state, different owners, a woman’s (Sandra Herold) primate attacks (aa two hundred pound primate) and almost kills another person (Charla Nash), now blinded, face and hands torn off and she is likely brain damaged. It has been a month and no criminal charges have been filed. MSNBC ARTICLE

A man Pierce Onthank who owns some exotic animals including a 14 pound primate has been sited several times . . . there have been no reports of any attacks, just some medical maladies that some of his animals have suffered (mind you he took them to the vet to be treated, which falls under normal care). MSNBC ARTICLE

So what is the difference? I see one is a man and the other is a woman. Who was treated worse buy the legal system so far? I will give you one guess.

If people cannot comprehend the disparity in the way that men and women are treated by the legal system by this example they never will.



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