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Teacher Charged with Enticing Teen

Lisa Lavoie, 24, took a 15 year old boy across state lines to a hotel. The article does not specifically state that they had sex but it is not a stretch of the imagination. If they had sex, this should be rape, the man act (if they would apply it to a woman taking a boy over the state line for sex), kidnapping, sexual assault, endangering the welfare of a child, educational neglect, corrupting the morals of a minor, enticing a minor, etc. Funny that the article is a mater of fact instead of the normal agitated inflammatory posture that it would be if this was a male teacher and a female student. The real question is [MSNBC POTO] how did this happen when the parents had already expressed concern over the inappropriate relationship the teacher had with their son? That is right he is a guy and not entitled to the rights under the 14th amendment.

Lisa Lavoie has $25,000 bail told to stay with her mom and is expected to be released Friday. How nice that they do this for women and not men. You accosted a 15 year old girl sir; you must stay at your moms. Real tough. I will be watching this one.




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