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Global Warming Revisted

I have discussed this before and now more than ever it is difficult to believe our deluge of social brainwashing on this subject.


Ozone Hole a Good Thing

Global Warming Mid-West Style

Global Warming Alaska Style

Global Warming

Many scientists are now back pedaling. You see from 2001-present there has been an average global temperature increase of . . . Drum roll please . . . 0.0*. Yes it is true. Now that this “stall” has occurred scientists are stating that this plateau could be a trend for decades, or I guess until the current climatologists meet their demise, then who cares what they said.

The scientists warn however that the result could be an explosive rise in temperature. It seems to me that if they could not accurately predict the current temperature plateau then they cannot accurately predict what is going to happen thirty, forty, or more years from now. The scientists “DOOMSDAY” scenarios are certainly giving them their 15 minutes of fame right now.

My prediction is that the temperatures in the future will either stay the same, lower, or rise. Prove me wrong. You can bet that my prediction is better that what you are hearing from scientists about global warming.




5 Responses to “Global Warming Revisted”

  1. I would like to add my “tip-o-the-hat” to your post. The math actually predicts that if we raise CO2 levels to 700 ppm, we get about 0.0137 degrees centigrade worth of warming. Our best satellites cannot differentiate temperature fluctuations of <0.02 degrees C from background noise. Everything that has been predicted in the IPCC’s “climate models” has already been proven false. AWG was never about warming, or melting polar icecaps, or whatever. It has always been about sending the world back into the Bronze Age.

  2. Red,

    Thanks, I actually calculated the amount of CO2 a person exhales and applies that to the readings in the atmosphere 100 years ago and with no other change besides the population explosion (this does not include the deforestation for the additional livestock and the live stock waste and exhalation, and my numbers would have put carbon in the atmosphere somewhere in the 1340-1370 mark.

    Again this does not include the industrialized pollution


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