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Woman Says She Will Not Let Her Baby Go Hungry; Charged

Of course it is NEVER the woman’s fault, no matter what! This 39-year-old woman Genine Compton, was not only driving and talking on a cell phone but blames her breast feeding (while the child is on the steering wheel) on the fact that she was not going to let her baby go hungry MSNBC ARTICLE. Hey Genine have you heard of pulling over? Oh, let me qualify that by also saying pulling over in a save place and stopping! I am sure that if I did not qualify that she would use it in her favor.

It is simply amazing to me how it in her mind is not her fault.

Picture this: A warm summer day, a convertible, a baby on a steering wheel breast feeding, an accident, and an air bag in the steering wheel, that infant would probably reach escape velocity and be sent into a geosynchronous orbit.

Good Grief!



3 Responses to “Woman Says She Will Not Let Her Baby Go Hungry; Charged”

  1. Please, Bernie, have you never heard of women’s vaunted ability to multi-task? Good thing she didn’t have twins …

  2. oh, like you’ve never attempted that when your spouse was driving.

  3. You guys are too funny! LOL


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