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Taking Chance


I am only 37 minutes into this movie and I strongly recommend man or woman not to watch this movie alone especially if you have ever lost anyone in the service to others. This includes military, fire, police, and EMS. I have lost two of recent years one EMS, a flight nurse (helicopter crash) and one fire (backdraft that landed a building on top of him). I believe that all of these people deserve the same respect that we offer our military after all our goals are the same, SERVICE TO OTHERS. I have never been in the military because of “political differences” but I am honored to be a part of the Patriot Guard. I have had the honor of providing escort and honor guard service to two hometown heroes (and their families) young enough to be my sons.

I do not know what I want to say or what point I want to make but there it is . . .maybe I do, as I finish a final thought occured to me remembereing the ’60’s ALL of these people whether or not we knew them the deserve our gratitude and respect military and “civilian.”

Any motorcyclists out there join the Patriot Guard it is the toughest job that you will ever love.


4 Responses to “Taking Chance”

  1. I stumbled onto this movie last night, and couldn’t pull myself away from it. VERY well done, and very moving. Powerful story. Your comment about the 60’s and this movie, make me think about the differences between now, and then. Upon returning from Vietnam in 1970, the only welcome home I got was from my family and a few close neighbors. Wearing uniforms off base was ill advised because of the anti war sentiment of the time. Fast forward to the present. About three years ago, i was on my motorcycle down South, when I was approached by a women in a parking lot. She had seen my Vietnam Vet licence plate bracket, and wanted to thank me for my service. I rode away with tears in my eyes. That women will never know how much that simple thank you, over thirty years late, ment to me. For or against the conflicts we are involved in, we need to remember the people we send to fight them. And we, and the goverment need to remember, and take care of them, when they return.

  2. George,

    Very well stated. Those men (boys really) were only grunts and were not the people that made the decision to go to war. They have to do what they are told. My father was in Korea the first forgotten war, then there was ‘Nam, and then our desert debacles, so needless to say morally and ethically I cannot cooperate with our government and the military BUT that does not mean that I can harbor any malice toward the grunts. They are heroes and deserve our respect.


  3. I have to say that i think any and every veteran deserves all the respect possible, and they should be taken care of when they return home. I am tired of many people getting public assistance, and help, many of whom don’t really deserve it at all. These are the people that work the system. The soldiers that gave many years and tears, are the people who deserve the help and assistance, atleast a little medical coverage. Thanks everyone for being positive, and thank your real heroes often 🙂 Joe RRVFD.

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