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Men Can Stop Rape. Oh really?!?

I came across this gem by accident as I usually do when working swing shift and surf the web while I try to unwind after work while my family sleeps.

There is a site out there called “Men Can Stop Rape.” As always it seems that women do not wish to take responsibility for themselves. There are many things that women can do for themselves to be safer NOT safe. We live in a free society and unfortunately that assumes risk. Women can decide not to become publicly intoxicated, not exit into an alleyway, park in well-lit areas of a parking lot, not go out alone, etc. This is good common sense for female and male alike, but as usual women want to shirk their responsibilities for themselves and pawn it off on everyone else. Which do you trust more? You doing a thing for yourself or depending on the rest of the world not to do something offensive to you? I do not know about you but I know that I can take care of myself to be safer and I CANNOT depend on anyone else to watch over me. This is only common sense.

Men Can Stop Rape also features an offensive little comic strip guy called “anti rape man.” It is like they believe that only men commit rape. That is appalling to me and I am sure others with any amount of intellect.

I clicked their “Contact” button and below is what I wrote them, let me see what kind of response I get if any. Stay tuned for the results.

“Your organization name seems to suggest that only men and boys commit rape. This is simply not true.

It would seem to me that you might gain more success if your mission is truly gender equality that you not alienate men by your implications and acknowledge that women also commit rape. I cannot bring myself to raise my 2 girls and boy to believe the notion that man = bad and woman = good.

Realistically women can do more for themselves by being vigilant and not participate in risky behavior (Public intoxication, going out alone, parking in dim lit areas, exiting in an ally, etc.). This will go much farther for making oneself safer rather than depending on others to be responsible for your safety.

The reality is that only you can control you but you cannot control others.


We will see what happens.


3 Responses to “Men Can Stop Rape. Oh really?!?”

  1. So, am I to understand that “women can stop false rape accusations”?

    Uh, huh.

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