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Man Saves Women’s Lives, ticketed for Jaywalking

It is true; no good deed goes unpunished. A bus driver and another Good Samaritan were ticketed for jaywalking in Denver, Colorado for helping 2 elderly females cross a busy street in a snowstorm. He and another man were thinking of their safety when they assisted them cross the street. A pick up came bearing down on them and he shoved them out of the way and he was struck and severely injured. He woke up in a hospital to a ticket by a state trooper. The other man and the male driver were also ticketed but the women who wanted to cross the street after getting off the bus were not.

Thanks Colorado State Poopers, I mean Troopers, or do I?




2 Responses to “Man Saves Women’s Lives, ticketed for Jaywalking”

  1. Well, better late than never…

    SInce this happened in my town, I’ve had a chance to hear some of the public response to this insipid miscarriage of justice. Yes, they’ve finally decided to admit to their stupidity in charging a “good Samaritan”, yet the state troopers still nave NEVER even considered charging the woman – who are ultimately to blame.

    According to their original “logic”, the reason that the men where ticket was that their “jaywalking” contributed to the accident – never mind that the true jaywalkers were the two women, who the men were merely coming to the aid of.

    Due to it’s extreme stupidity, chivalry has become utterly useless in this day and age.

  2. BTW – contrary to the MSNBC item you’ve linked in your followed up, it seems that neither woman was ever actually cited – just the two men.

    In the wake of the original outrage, the state patrol at one point “suggested” that they were planning to charge the women as well. But, despite inference given in the article, someone I know (who is in a position to know) told me that there was never any need to withdraw any charges against one of the women – because no ticket was ever actually issued (and, as I understand it, the second woman has not yet been given a ticket either – it’s still under “consideration”).

    It seems that the PR dept of the state patrol has become deceptive in an effort to save face.

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