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“Chubby Hubby”

Ben and Jerry’s put out an ice cream called “Cubby Hubby.” Time for fun. I wonder what would happen if Ben Jerry’s put out a product call “Wide Wife,” “Wide Bride.”

Hmmm, I bet that would last all of about 5 seconds, if it were lucky.

Comment and leave me your ideas for a derogatory ice cream name targeting women or a wife. This should be fun.



4 Responses to ““Chubby Hubby””

  1. “I make it, she spends it.”

    “She took my kids and my money and now i want to kill myself.”

    “Goldigging Skank”

  2. Chunky Monkey? Oh, they already make that.

    I like GoldDigger

    Angelina Jubilee – find the gummie babies in the chocolate sauce. Made in Taiwan, Indonesia, etc. Spit out the Pitts.

    I dunno – are Cheese Nips offensive to Japanese?

    Crunchy Frog. (Made in France)

    Bulemic Bride. Twice the flavor!

    Briney Bitch – pickles and ice cream.

  3. I like those LOL.

    You realize of course that you are dating yourself and that most people probably do not know the connection of Nip to Nippon, right? LOL


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