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As I said before, sorry for the late notice on the week in review folks but I was not feeling very well. This is important and could save the life of someone you love or your own.

For a few days I was not feeling well, dizziness, near blackouts, sleeping for 12+ hours, blurry vision (which will likely take a month to get back to semi-normal), constant thirst and urination. Then the urination slowed and my abdominal region became severely distended about 3X it’s size and very rigid. This was the time to go to the emergency room (dumb guys, there is nothing wrong with me attitude). It was the “D” word and I mean a capital “D” diabetes. I got to the hospital and the triage nurse’s eyes went wide. He showed me my blood sugar reading and it was nearly 600. I asked him how many coherent conscience people he has seen at 600 he said not many. I was admitted for the night. They ran 2,000 units of saline solution through me with 3 or 4 different times for insulin sticks. I finally got down to 207 and the sent me to my PMD (conveniently located behind my hospital and the rest of the day was spent on further testing and dietary and insulin monitoring, instructions on the gadgets and hypodermic instructions.

February 18 is going to be more of the same. Holy cow, the amount of literature and equipment in general is overwhelming!

Please, I could have died, get your self checked, and checked often, do not ignore when you doctor wants to send you for blood work like I did, especially if there is a family history which I did not have.

I would have been stupid of me to die this way with all the other crazy things that are my life. Men in particular, I know how you all feel about doctors and doctors visits but there is more at stake here than putting up a false facade of manliness. You would be cheating you work (OK that is a good thing, LOL) but also your family, children, friends, community (especially if you have one of those jobs that contribute directly to the community) and etc.

GET CHECKED DO YOUR BLOOD WORK! This is the second time in my life that could have had dire circumstances if my wife did not force me to go to the doctors.

Be well,


4 Responses to “Diabetes”

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I am also diabetic but am very regular in blood test. Not be careless about blood testing . do it regularly .. Thank you

  2. Thanks Sam,

    I am very excited I had a reading before dinner of 167! I think that is great progress after only 3 days of insulin.


  3. jskfmmv- Thank you, fspcawg. Great site.

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