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Continental 3407

Please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors that are below because I am trying to get this info out quickly.

Please excuse the spelling and grammatical errors that are below because I am trying to get this info out quickly.

My God. Buffalo’s first and worst commercial air disaster. Continental 3407 (Colgan Air) crashed into a residential neighborhood on Long Street in Clarence center. Forty-nine people were on board 4 crew 45 passengers and one person on the ground all reported dead. The jet crashed into a house a mother and a child got out of the house the fate right now of the others in the house is unknown. Family of people on the plane are urged to call Continental Airlines at 1-800-523-3273 OR 1-800-621-3263 residence of long street call 716-741-8930, media call 713-324-5080.

The crash happened 10:20pm.

I can kick myself Erie County Haz-Mat has been trying to get me to join for the last 2 years and I have not. It is so hard being a firefighter and not being involved in helping when I have been asked to join this particular aspect of firefighting. I feel like I have failed my community in my civic duties. ):


AMERICADE Message Board Comments Here, Click Image

///\\\///\\\ UPDATE ///\\\///\\\
Two members of the household have been taken to the hospital.

Q400 Bombardier Aircraft tail number 3407.



Q400 Bombardier STOL (Short Landing Or Takeoff) Aircraft tail number 3407. This style plane came out in 1998. They were updated in 2000 and the plane a TURBO PROP is made in Canada.

12 houses evacuated.

I have called two frineds that live there and I have gotten their voice mail . . . ):

Tapes from ATC (air traffic control) have been released.

///\\\///\\\ 2:00am 02/12/2009 UPDATE ///\\\///\\\
Deaths now 50, there was a Colgan Air employee hopping a ride.

Another persons flight was late into Newark so he missed his connecting flight 3407.


Both the Erie County Haz-Mat and the Brighton FC Haz-Mat responded to the scene. The idea and concern was for any jet fuel burning or not burning getting into the water and sewer systems, and water table. They got on location and were not needed apparently because all the fuel was burning and contained.

///\\\///\\\ 02/13/2009 11:37hrs ///\\\\///\\\

Both flight data recorders have been recovered and are on a flight to D.C.

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