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It was some time ago (2001) that the people of New York voted on a referendum to change the state constitution to he/she, humankind, assembly members, and chairperson. There was consederable time, effort and money spent on this “legislation” which I found to be a collosal waste all the way around. “Man,” in general means both male and female. Many women and men for that matter do not seem to have a grasp of this concept. It seems this is another educational “epic fail.” What is more intimidating is that Assemblyman Sandra R. Galef, a person that is a keeper of our laws does not understand. SEE NYT ARTICLE HERE. What is worse is that the NYT reporter JAMES C. MCKINLEY JR does not understand or has been programed by current society to be misandric. This is evidenced by his use of Assemblywoman as if Assembly woman is proper venacular and Assemblyman is not.

I also find it ironic that this change to the constitution was of concern yet within our books filled with our laws it is OK to associate men (as in the use of the word “he”) as the people commiting crimes. Our constitutution has no negative connotation accompaning the word “he” or the lack of using “woman.” It did not exclude women from protection under this document. Thinhgs that make you sam hmmmmm.



3 Responses to “He/she”

  1. 2001 was the same year as The Space Odesey. Look how far we all fell from the mold on that one. I always thought that feminazis should have been called out by name within the Constitution. Or perhaps Hitleresk Women might further define the state of things. And get rid of all that bullshit about being created equal and We the people. ( We the Men and Hitleresk Women…) Accurate descriptions and useless legislation are part of our times.

  2. You got that right boy!


    I remember when the feminazis targeted the names of hurricanes, WELL DUH it is pronounced “HER-EH-CANE” so of course they were named after women. They all got their panties in a knot because it was “Not showing women in a good light and it implied that women are destructive” WELL DUH. LOL

    I want all tropical storms with men’s names to be called “Hymicanes.” I would be fine with that. What trivial nonsense considering the sublime way they spin their issues when as men we ** really ** wish for equal rights, when they are skewing issues to obtain even more superior rights then what they already have.


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