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Octuplets Mom

It seems that Nadya Suleman is less interested in the children’s welfare and more interested in THE welfare. It does not matter how she gets her money if she has 14 kids and is using everyone else’s money to have them so she can go to school and never work, this is dead D wrong. Maybe my wife and I should quit our jobs and then my wife and I can have the big family we wanted. We only have three kids and could not afford any more. Why should a person like Nadya Suleman be able to use your and my money to have more children than a two job family can? Where did se get the money for the IVF? It better not have come from my taxes. If it did then I want my cut that I did not use. If she is not working she should not be able to use your and my money to have eight more babies when she already had six. I am so tired of this crap.

It does not matter if she literally receives money from welfare or from some free ride that she gets through her and her doctors irresponsibility in having 14 kids including any help that she may receive by celebrities starting her off on a parenting show.

Anyone who supports what she did (in my opinion using children to become rich and infamous) is reprehensible.

Fourteen kids or not she this does not make her an expert at anything except exploitation of children. How is she going to get a show on parenting when all her children are under 8 years old?

Boy is she in for a surprise when they turn into teens, start dating, etc. She has A LOT more to learn yet.

Of course what kind of parent is she going to make if she could not make a life and death decision? Her indecision was a decision that risked her health and lives the octuplets health and life and her other 6 children at home. What if she died because she could not make a decision about 8 fetuses that could be harmful to all concerned?

I hope these doctors go under review!

I hope it is investigated where this money came from.

I will not tell anyone that they cannot have a child but I will tell them that they will only receive assistance from other peoples money for ONE and ONLY one child (unless the parent has twins or greater NATURALLY!). There are many good and decent parents out there that chose not to have more children because they cannot afford them. This shows responsibility. A person who is single and does not work has no right using other people’s money to have fourteen (14).

We have to pass legislation stating such or we are actually creating a world in which “Idiocracy” (2006) will become a reality.


///\\\///\\\ UPDATE ///\\\///\\\

I just learned now (22:58 02/06/2009) from Dateline that Nadya Suleman states that she is not on any kind of assistance at all which seems to contradict an earlier statement that she said regarding being a full time student. I would like to know how she is doing it.


///\\\///\\\ UPDATE II ///\\\///\\\ February 6, 2009 23:51

OK, I cannot find the student thing yet but I found contradictory information regarding assistance. She is only taking a little assistance to the tune of a one million (that is $1,000,000) bankruptcy and her father went to Iraq to translate to assist the family. In this day and age she is right she is not taking any assistance, because “everybody” is filing for bankruptcy and the father working does not count because he is a man and just a “wallet.” Now if it were her mother working she would have spot on nationally broadcast TV shows also.



5 Responses to “Octuplets Mom”

  1. It’s interesting how people like this are able to reproduce while sensible (sane) people have a hard time having kids. Obviously this dufus is mentally ill, but I don’t know who should get locked in the insane asylum first. The doctors who with through with the procedure, even though she had no money, no partner, lived in a small apartment and had psychological issues in the past or Nadya. Maybe they all of them (Nadya and the doctors) should be thrown in a white little rubber room and they can bounce around like idiots.

  2. One more thing. Now there are more kids in the world who have a high potential to grow up as delinquents because their Mom was a nutjob. Yes there should be a law. Because when you release kids into society that you may not be able to take care of they become everyones problem. Hopefully a law will be made to put people like Nadya Suleman in the proper place where she belongs. A nice warm prison, or a cozy mental institution where she can chill out and watch Looney Toons with the rest of her nuttybutty friends.

  3. This story should bring out the fact that Children are pawns of the state to collect welfare themselves. Every American should be made conscious of this fact and how the present leadership of NOW with their Feminazi agenda to make single mother lifestyles while criminalizing Fathers and holding them financially responsible WITHOUT their kids to raise is the greatest Civil Rights atrocity of the Day. The day if fast approaching when the State will be the parents of all our children. The laws are in transition and quickly resembling Nazi Germany. The Money is always used as the public swaying catalyst to sustain these laws. The County and State governments are on WELFARE to a much greater degree than any private citizen. Is it any wonder that our so called Free media supports this State agenda. The State is guilty of child abuse.

  4. Rik,

    I could not agree more. It to me is a precursor to “Logans Run” and somewhat “Demolition Man.” There is one more movie whose title escapes me but you would get into serious trouble if you became pregnant without a permit and sanction by the state.


  5. I totally agree with you! I have three children (and a tubal ligation after the third) and it takes eveything I have, financially, spiritually, physically to assure that their needs will be met every day. I sometimes fret over making sure all 3 will feel loved, and feel equally loved.. I don’t have money to spend on nail polish- let alone plastic surgery- but If I did I would be buying karate classes, or gymnastics… And I have a husband, a job, a home, support systems and adoring (not drained dry) grandparents…

    I cannot understand how there are families out there who do a “fairly good” job raising their children, only to have them taken away because they may not have enough room in a house or provide proper insurance ect.. but then this woman, who can barely afford 1 child is allowed to keep all 14? it is heinous, unjust… a grossly negligent moral crime.

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